Curt's Fish

My 100 gallon tank in my living room contains mostly koi and shubunkin. Sorry these pictures are so outdated, but rest assured the tank remains nearly the same.

Butterfly koi can be extremely beautiful with their long, flowing fins and tails. They're not as popular as their ought to be, because their colors are typically somewhat light and washed out. Occasionally one can find a brightly colored one.

Koi can grow quite large and live upwards of 20 years, but I find they grow at a reasonably slow rate when confined to a small tank. Water quality is extremely important to these fish. Their gravel must be vacuumed and the water and filter changed approximately every 4 weeks (if left for 6 weeks, they become visibly nervous and timid and susceptible to disease). In order to maintain the tank, I have to run a garden hose across the living room both for vacuum/draining and for refilling.


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Pictures from 2004.01.15

Old Yeller - R.I.P.